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The Art of Remaining Seated

This cushy, vintage chair from a Northern California restaurant is what I wish I wrote in every day.

Anyone who has spent much time earning a living as a writer or secretly scribbling away at their very own next great American novel knows this: the craft of writing is all about keeping our butts in the chair. Sure, talent, practice, and dumb luck come into play at some point, but a writer’s life is mostly about making ourselves sit down for a set amount of time, switching off the internet and letting ideas flow. Pithy turns of phrase and characters’ true selves only surface when this homage is paid to our writing chairs, so we all better get comfortable…

This is not as easy as it sounds, and I, like so many writers, constantly find myself wandering away from my chair in search of inspiration. Some of these wanderings take me to screenwriting and fiction blogs, but I find many of them are rants that make me feel like stressing instead of writing. For this reason, I’ve decided to send my own sweet nothings out into the blogosphere in a daily attempt to master the art of remaining seated. I may not be able to bottle creative juices, but I can chronicle them…My hope is that other writers can turn here for a little inspiration when it’s time for them to take that seat.

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