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In San Francisco Bay happily watching kids blow bubbles and play T-ball

How do you recover from one of the best weekends ever? While bouncing back from hardship is something we quickly learn how to do, recovering from blissful times isn’t exactly a major life lesson. Isn’t it just as difficult not to dwell on happy circumstances, though? I, for one, just had the most fabulous weekend and my mind is having trouble letting go. Maybe a part of me fears that if I stop basking in the weekend’s glow, I’ll forget all the little moments that made it so wonderful. Recovery groups often advocate writing letters and making gratitude lists, so I suppose one way to move on from my happy time is to chronicle all the things I loved about it. Here goes…

My weekend was wonderful thanks to these small things:

  • Snuggling with my boyfriend and watching backlogged episodes of “Mad Men”
  • Reminiscing about jingles of the 1980s into wee hours of the night
  • Visiting my aunt and her King Charles Spaniels
  • Singing even though the radio wasn’t on as my boyfriend and I drove into San Francisco
  • Trying on jewelry in antique stores
  • Finding a row of old houseboats tucked away in a random part of the bay
  • Working together to squeeze into the tiniest of parking spots
  • Dining on squash soufflé, pork belly and chocolate-pretzel cake at Noe Valley’s Firefly
  • Crawling into crisp hotel sheets every night
  • Sleeping in and napping (both in the same day)
  • Eating Sunday brunch in Mountain View, which included French toast made with Dutch crunch bread
  • Smelling the faintest wafts of autumn while enjoying 80 degree weather

Cow sculpture atop a houseboat in the middle of San Francisco, CA

Grilled banana French toast from Country Gourmet Restaurant in Mountain View, CA

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