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Kitsch Fix #5: Gnome Gardens

Gnomes sitting in a bucket in front of a house in Austin, TX

I recently discovered a lawn in Austin that is completely covered in ceramic miniatures. There’s even a bucket of gnomes on the sidewalk in front of the house to welcome you into the menagerie, and what a menagerie it is. With everything form seahorses to hippos, dragons to teddy bears, and wooden tulips to smiling, sequined daisies, this place truly runs the gamut of collectable kitsch…

Fisherman gnome with some of his pals

This is the type of thing I would have loved as a kid and spent hours wading through the flowerbeds, making up stories for the figurines. The fact that the little sculptures are so sun-bleached starts my mind spinning a story even now – I imagine how many years they’ve been sitting out on the lawn, the number of storms they’ve endured, and the patter of galoshes as their owners fished them out of puddles and stood them upright after hurricanes. Does this menagerie inspire any similar stories within you today? Don’t you just adore the giant rat king who seems to rule over the land of mulch, gnomes and angels?

Rat king ruling over the sun-bleached figurines

Gnome lounging in the mulch fairyland, clearly unfazed by the rat king

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