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The music of Mama Cass makes me think of the TV gem “LOST” every time

My ears happened upon this Mama Cass song last night, and I was instantly transported back to 2006 when I first watched season two of “LOST” on DVD. With this tune blasting on a record player in the opening episode, we first met the beguiling Scotsman, Desmond Hume, doing pull-ups in an underground hatch. I was already hooked on the show’s characters, but something about the juxtaposition of the creepy island setting with this song and the 1960s furniture in the hatch told me this would be a great season of TV. It was: I watched the boxed set in about two sittings, both because I was addicted and because I wanted to get caught up for season three…

The subsequent seasons of “LOST” were such letdowns in comparison to the first two, and since then I have not looked forward to or been distractedly excited about a TV show nearly as much. Sure, I love watching “Mad Men” and “Dexter” but I don’t get giddy about those shows, whereas “LOST” made me positively giddy. I’m not sure whether it was the serialized plotlines, the production value, the music or just a combination of it all, but “LOST” had the power to make adult viewers feel as excited as teeniboppers…Are there any new shows this season that are giving you that teenage feeling of excitement? Any old shows you’re discovering that make you feel this way?

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