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New-Fashioned Picnic

Lacy metal picnic table one block north of Lady Bird Johnson Lake in Austin, TX

I discovered this regal picnic area at the beginning of summer and have jogged past it many times since, confirming it is not an apparition. I never see anyone eating at the table, though, and I suspect this has to do with the oppressive Texan heat these past few months. Now that fall is upon us and eating outside sounds sane, however, I’m not sure how anyone can resist breaking in this picnic setup.

The table, benches and lamps are made of enameled metal, and I love everything about them – from the bright whites and reds, to the modern yet stately lamp towers, to the lace cutouts in the faux tablecloth. It really looks like a fine-art instillation but without the velvet ropes and “Do Not Touch” signs. In fact, the stain-proof, lacy metal is so inviting of touch, crumbs and food spills that I don’t think I can ignore its invitation any longer – this weekend is decidedly time to bust out the picnic basket…

Don’t you adore how this red picnic bench pops beside the white table?

Close up of the lacy metal ‘tablecloth’

Light playing through the lace at corner of the picnic table

Psst: Are there any outdoor locations near you that would make a great meal spot? Even if you’re up against deadlines, I hope you can peel away for a bit to enjoy the fall weather and do something a little out of the ordinary. Throwing together a picnic can be as simple as making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, throwing cured meats and crackers into a bag, or ordering takeout from a sandwich shop. Wherever and on whatever you choose to dine, I hope it’s a fabulous weekend!

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