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Kitsch Fix #9: Sexy Scissors

Leggy neon sign for Sexy Scissors in Austin, TX

Nothing lights the way home quite like a giant neon sign, but when that sign happens to have long legs and scissor handles for an upper body it serves more as a landmark than a light. The landmark of which I speak belongs to Sexy Scissors, an Austin-based salon that caters to men and boasts “cold beer, hot stylists” as its slogan. Essentially, it is the Hooters of the hair-care industry.

Although I shudder at the thought of so many itchy hair clippings landing on exposed cleavage, I’ve gotta love this place for its sign and the murals on the outside of the building. I also adore the contrast between the late-1950s attire the girls wear in the murals and the actual scantily clad getups of the stylists, which you can check out on the salon’s website…Is it just me being blinded by the awesome vintage cars, or are the girls’ outfits in the murals far more sexy?

Murals of understated allure decorating the side of the salon and livening up the parking lot

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