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Office Space Steampunk

Newly designed steampunk office space in San Francisco, CA, courtesy of Because We Can

If you could design the perfect space in which to work and create, what would it look like? I recently found this dreamy workspace via Tech Blog, and the velvet chairs and gears on the walls got my own wheels turning. The remodeled office belongs to Three Rings, an online game company in San Francisco, CA, that worked with the Because We Can design firm to construct an environment that would keep their employees happy and creative. The new digs include elaborate wood desks, a full bar and game room (complete with a pool table, video games, and giant octopus beanbag chairs). There’s even a bookcase that opens up to reveal a secret room – if that wouldn’t inspire your inner mystery novelist, I don’t know what would. To sweeten the deal even more, this setup reportedly cost half the price of traditional office cubes…

As someone who is always looking for a way to spruce up her work environment, I find these pictures truly inspiring. Although I don’t have the funds to do a complete overhaul like this, the steampunk decor gets me thinking about the balance between form and function…I wonder what yields higher productivity and innovation: an office that is austere, perfectly organized, streamlined and ergonomic, or an office that has pleasing visual stimuli and tactile upholstery. The ideal work environment is probably a mix of these two, but achieving the right blend takes time and a lot of trial and error; maybe we can learn from the experience and experimentation that went into these rooms.

Closer view of the customized wood desks that were easy and affordable to assemble thanks to their basic construction

The colorful office bar, complete with kegerator

Bookshelf that opens up into a secret room – perfect for acting out games of “Clue” don’t you think?

Psst: What do you think – would you like to work in this steampunk office, or do you think the full bar and lack of filing cabinets would hamper your productivity?

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