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You Had Me at Pepperoni

A slightly more photo-friendly version of the cherry tomato heart topping off our pepperoni pizza from East Side Pies in Austin, TX

Pizza has become somewhat of a Friday night institution in our house ever since our favorite pizza place set up shop a few blocks away. My boyfriend recently made our addiction feel anything but routine, however, when he surprised me with a heart in the middle of our pizza. The heart was made of halved cherry tomatoes and there was a ring of thinly sliced bell peppers surrounding the heart to define its shape. The chef who created this magnificent pie was incredibly excited to work on it and said he tried a couple different combinations to make the heart look and taste its best. He was really stoked to have a challenging decorating project on his hands, and I was equally delighted when I laid eyes on the amorous toppings…

This level of excitement experienced by both the pizza’s creator and me makes me wonder if there are any other unconventional ways we can use food to express ourselves. There’s the old engagement-ring-in-the-dessert idea and I’ve seen a few baristas paint hearts in latte foam, but what about using foie gras to spell out “You are the butterflies in my stomach,” or writing “Will you marry pee?” in asparagus? Okay, I’m just kidding about the last one, but you get the picture…Cooking someone a tasty meal is the ultimate expression of love, but how about using that coffee and cherry demi-glace to spell out a sweet and savory message next time? If you’re more geek than cook, how about writing a love note in Morse code with M & Ms and tootsie rolls? What say you – any ideas for unexpected gastro communications?

Image via Pinterest.

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