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Chair Affairs at Gold Class Cinemas

This plush chair in the cocktail lounge of Gold Class Cinemas doesn't even compare to the comfy recliners awaiting you in the theaters

Do you have a big date this weekend – or, better yet, next week? Still stumped on what to do? Well, have I got an idea for you…My boyfriend and I finally checked out our local Gold Class Cinema a few nights ago, and it is my professional opinion as a non-professional love doctor that this would make an awesome second- or third-date spot. This is because Gold Class Cinemas are not your typical movie theaters; sure, they offer the stimulating conversation starters of a regular night at the movies, but they also have a full bar, great wine selection, and tasty menus of healthy and not-so-healthy food options. The pièce de résistance is the giant, reclining chair – complete with heavenly footrest – that you’ll get to watch the movie from. You’ll also get to canoodle with your date over a spacious armrest and a well-placed, well-lit table for your food and drinks. This all makes for the most comfortable movie-viewing experience you’ll ever have (and, yes, this includes movie nights at home with pajamas and a pupu platter of Ben and Jerry’s flavors). The catch? A single ticket runs $22-29, which doesn’t include food, beverages or tax. To make sure it’s worth the steep price tag, check out the following tips to help you save money and get the most out of your time at Gold Class…

  • Become a Member. It’s free and insanely easy to become a Gold Class member online, plus it will allow you to buy discounted tickets and get special birthday treats.
  • Attend Sunday-Thursday Shows. Your membership status will get $7 knocked off each ticket you buy for shows on these days, which is pretty awesome considering I’ve always thought Wednesdays were perfect date nights.
  • Buy Tickets in Advance. I recommend purchasing tickets online a couple days or a week in advance. You can proceed to select your seats online and ensure that you get a prime spot. (Theaters offer tons of leg/arm room and there are no bad seats, but you may as well get seats in the center to snag the best-possible view.)
  • Arrive 30 Minutes Early. Getting to the theater early will give you time to flirt it up by candlelight in the cocktail lounge. You can also order your drinks and food ahead of time while you play footsie at the bar, and your gourmet selections will be waiting for you when you sit down in the theater.
  • Order One Appetizer and Drinks. Free popcorn is often included in your ticket price, so just one appetizer will be enough to complement this corny nosh if you have a reasonably sized lunch beforehand.
  • Covertly Buy Candy. If you feel like indulging in a variety of traditional movie snacks, go for it – better yet, find out your date’s faves and order them in secret. There are several flavors of gourmet popcorn and an array of candies that all come served in martini glasses, which is such a charming touch. (I’m sure your date would find it extra cute if you surprised him/her with a selection of cocktail-disguised candies.)

Psst: Gold Class Cinemas have locations in California, Texas, Illinois, Arizona and Washington state, but they are slowly making their way across the country. Until this total takeover, I suggest all my darling New Englanders recreate their own luxury theaters by investing in a few La-Z-Boy recliners and striking up a friendship with the guy who sells bootlegged DVDs in front of the convenience store. Who knows, the rush of illegal activities could provide just the bonding experience your budding relationship needs….Be it legal or illicit, have a splendid weekend.

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  • Reply Tony December 7, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    Gold class is just a cool-and expensive-as you claim. I was the only audience member in my theater, though.

  • Reply J. R. Coté December 8, 2010 at 6:13 pm

    Nice, you must have felt like royalty with the theater all to yourself…Or, was it more awkward than regal with so many waiters there just to serve you? Those chairs are so comfy, though, that it would be pretty hard to feel awkward.

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