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Kitsch Fix #11: A Leopard-Print Christmas

Santa hats with leopard-print fringe from Hobby Lobby in Austin, TX

Most people take it upon themselves to abandon their personal style at this time of year in favor of adorning themselves and their homes in everything that bespeaks Christmas. Whether you’re winter or summer complexioned, Buddhist or Sufi, vegetarian or hunting-inclined, it usually doesn’t matter – you wear red, green and a lot of antlers. Despite this gravitation to traditional garlands and snowflake sweaters, I recently spotted a multitude of leopard-print Christmas items at a local craft store. I can’t figure out whether there’s a market for this merchandise because leopard print is synonymous with Christmas spirit and I just never got the memo, or because some people love leopard print so darn much that they simply must incorporate it into all of their holidays. If it’s the latter, all I can say is more power to you, my dear leopard lovers of the world. That’s right, make your holidays your own. I now eagerly await my first sighting of a leopard-print yarmulke and an Easter bunny donning a faux-leopard-fur vest…

Glass Christmas ornaments for the leopard enthusiast in us all

And why not have a stocking inspired by your favorite jungle animal as well?

Psst: So many fabulous chotchkies and kitschy lawn ornaments come out to play this time of year that I think I could create our very own advent calendar of Kitschmas. What say you? Would you like to see more Christmas-themed kitsch, or has this Hobby Lobby safari shocked and awed you enough for one holiday season?

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