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Kitsch Fix 12: Santa’s Pimped-Out Ride

Inflatable Santa in a vintage Plymouth-turned-sleigh at Sun Tint in Austin, TX

Who needs reindeer when you’ve got horsepower? It looks like Santa Claus finally asked himself this question and opted for classic, American engineering instead of his flying sleigh this Christmas. I spotted this kitschy beaut in front of Sun Tint, a local business that tints the car windows of drivers who want protection from the ever-present Texas sun, and I just had to pull over and snag pictures of the jolly old fellow’s new ride. I love how the teal car contrasts with Santa’s red ensemble, and I think it’s really awesome that someone took the time to construct a sleigh to place over the car’s hardtop. Now, if only Santa were wearing sunglasses to shield his eyes from the blinding Christmas lights he’d be all set…Maybe this means all Santa wants for Christmas are tinted windows for his Plymouth. You go, Mr. Claus, pimp out that ride.

Close up of Santa’s new wheels

Santa’s whip from behind

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