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Kitsch Fix 14: Christmas Leftovers

Mannequin decked in a Santa hat and Christmas lights atop a mobile home in Austin, TX

A week from now we will all be gorging ourselves on surplus gingerbread cookies and eggnog, so I figured I’d share some calorie-free leftovers with you today as a sort of pre-holiday fast. These are some shots of Christmas decor that I meant to feature during our advent to Kitschmas, but they fell to the wayside as I ran out of time. My favorite is the one above of a mannequin with Christmas lights crawling up her legs and a Santa hat on her head. I just adore the fact that the camper she’s on is branded “Flair,” because this plastic lady’s sure got flair to spare. The other gaudy eye candy on our menu features more Christmas-themed salt shakers than should be legal in one spot, fake trees on rooftops, and a garment I bet you wish you could wear to your next tacky sweater party…

Festive salt shakers and other Christmas chotskies at the Austin Antique Mall

Magenta Christmas trees atop Chuy’s in Austin, TX

“Who Needs Santa, I’ve Got Grandma” sweatshirt I spotted at a vintage store on Austin’s South Congress Avenue

PS: Have you come across any other outrageous displays of festivity this season? Do share.

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