Sweet Nothings

‘Twas the Night Before

Inflatable Santas and Rudolphs at a cart of festive dry goods in San Jose, CA

Do you remember the excitement you used to feel the night before your birthday or any other present-drenched holiday? It was such a buzz of buttery flutters in the stomach and ping-pong matches in the brain that I, for one, know visions of sugarplums could never put me to sleep. This was especially true when there were countless surprises arriving by way of – let’s say – a chimney over night. No matter how much sleep I lost, I always felt invigorated the next morning and bounded about with the inevitable energy created when anticipation and the best day of your life collide. If I could bottle the feeling that kept me awake restlessly listening for footsteps on the roof and cookie crumbs hitting the floor, I would be a wealthy woman. If I could also patent the kind of resiliency that kept me smiling and dancing after a sleepless night, I would be giving Pfizer a run for their money and elbowing Steve Jobs off the cover of Forbes. I’m regrettably not enough of a chemist to come up with such concoctions, but I hope the sounds of Christmas movies and the smells of cookies in the oven will serve as an acceptable substitute for liquid childhood tonight…

Maybe I could sell my bionic flutterby potion from a cart like this

Psst: If you’re too overcome with nostalgia and excitement to sleep this fine evening, may an abundance of sugary baked goods and coffee bring you the energy of youth tomorrow. Sugar rushes and mad-scientist fantasies aside, I send wishes of peace and happiness to everyone of every faith and nation…To all, a good night.

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