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Feeling Lucky

Silver horseshoe above a barn door in Lost Pines, TX

I am determined to make this a lucky week, or at least a week where I feel lucky. I’m not hitting up Vegas, so I don’t exactly need good fortune on my side, but I could certainly afford to walk around with the assurance that things are going my way…You know those people who seem to inhabit a charmed life in which they stumble and land on a pile of daisies or sleep through the alarm only to find a $100 bill on the late bus? Well, that’s the kind of person I’m determined to be this week. In fact, I think we could all benefit from pretending we’re that type of person once in a while. Won’t you join me in strutting through the next few days and dancing in fountains as though this is the part of our lives’ movie where the director cues upbeat music and a montage of ice-cream eating? Who knows, if we play pretend really well lady luck just might appear at our sides. I wish you the most productive of Mondays, and hope you’re able to spend it embodying an attitude of all green lights and cobalt-blue skies ahead.

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