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Fireflies and Foie

Jar of Rougié Foie Gras at Charles De Gaulle Airport

Flying into Paris for the first time in my life, I marveled at how street lamps and whooshing cars glowed like fireflies beneath me in the pre-dawn this morning. Was it the jetlag and the power of suggestion, or does the City of Lights in fact twinkle with a tenebrous glow like no other place on earth? I was unable to stay and observe more Parisian lights firsthand, because my love and I breezed onto train platforms then taxis and found ourselves in Kortrijk, Belgium, by noon. This means I must sadly say my only experience of Paris remains from the sky and inside the airport, but these little slices of the city have managed to make me long to experience its cobblestone crevices even more. As if the firefly lights in the black/blue sky weren’t enough to whet my traveling appetite, I spotted airport shops that were stocked with jars of pricey foie gras…

There were rows upon rows of the duck-liver delicacy (with numerous brands to choose from), and my foodie heart went wild imagining all the culinary delights that must lurk in a city that sells foie gras at the airport. Those shiny jars and dazzling lights are still dancing around in my mind, slowly inching Paris up to the top of my travel wish list. Whether or not Paris beats out Venice as the place I’d most like to visit next, however, I’m determined to walk the surreally lit streets at night and eat foie gras from jars and gourmet restaurants the next time I land in Charles De Gaulle…Have you been to the City of Lights, or do you have dreams of traveling there some day? Do you have a list of other places you want to see, and do certain destinations sometimes swap places in your rankings depending on whims, books you read or news stories? Do tell.

This is just one shelf of foie gras – there were three more brands in this airport shop alone

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  • Reply robbie January 25, 2011 at 11:00 am

    Les Champs-Élysées! I remember the cobblestone sidewalks as we walked towards the Arc De Triumph. I was fifteen when I visited, too young to appreciate the experience. Sadly, my eyes glanced past all the small parisian cafés, instead locking on to any sign of home. How do you Americans say? Le McDonalds? Mais Oui! I remember taking a boat tour on the river Seine. I remember walking the halls of the Louvre. I vaguely remember seeing the Mona Lisa. What is vivid, are images of my velcro Kangaroos with zippered pockets. My white Swatch watch. My denim jacket with collar popped – done well before it was a style, then a faux pas. I remember a lot of butter and a lot of baguettes, the closest I ever got to escargot and foie gras. I wish I had a 35mm camera with countless rolls of black and white film so I could keep it all straight right now. All I have are seconds. Fragments here and there. No cohesive story to tell.

    If I could, I would go back now and just sit in a cafe and write. Though that seems completely pedestrian here, there’s so much romance and magic to it when it is done in Paris. Over there, muses grow on trees.

    Sounds like an amazing trip!

  • Reply Pat Oey January 25, 2011 at 9:27 pm

    I have been incredibly lucky to visit Paris, and taste their chocolate croissants (which is one of the reasons I was so eager to try your Nutella croissant recipe last week)! I have also had the pleasure of staying in Venice, which I absolutely loved–the food there is spectacular (especially if you love Italian as I do). But the chocolate in Belgium–I can’t wait to read what you think of it…mm!!

  • Reply J. R. Coté January 26, 2011 at 5:36 am

    Oh my goodness, Robbie, you are bringing back such fond memories of how much I coveted Swatch watches back in the day. I also loved velcro Kangaroos – I thought having pockets on the sides of my shoes was brilliant because it was one extra place to store snacks, like Goldfish crackers and wadded-up fruit rollups. This never worked very well for too many reasons to name, so I bet you and your popped collar were a bit too wise to store your Le McDonalds in your shoes. Here’s to hoping we can both make it back to Paris with endless rolls of black-and -white film soon!

    Pat, I have yet to try a chocolate croissant here, but I’m definitely polishing off my day of writing with a trip to the chocolatier. I’ll be sure to do my due diligence and try many kinds, all for the sake of sharing my findings with you of course. 😉

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