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Helena Bonham Carter rocking a mustache in a Vogue photo shoot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

The diligent entertainment ambassador in me wants to take this title and run with it, toiling over a thoughtful post about all of my favorite Charlie Chaplin movies, but the severely allergy riddled gal with Kleenex up her sleeve and pages to go before meeting her writing quota for the week wants to concoct an absurd story about women of the future wearing mustaches as fashion statements then call it day. Alas, as the image of futuristic women donning pink mustaches makes me choke on a bottle of Zyrtec, I realize this premise was already explored by the TV show “Quantum Leap.” Damn you, Dr. Sam Beckett and all your facial-hair exploits – I guess this means I will stay true to the Thursday tradition of movie recommendations/reviews. For my own sanity and the sake of continuing to create my own luck this week, I’ll keep it short and sweet. Here are my tips on what to seek out and avoid at the box office this weekend…

  • “The Fighter” – We opted to see this instead of staying at home watching the Golden Globes last weekend, and it was well worth it. This film about two brothers boxing their way out of Lowell, Massachusetts, delivers quite the punch of action and suspense along with compelling character drama.
  • “Black Swan” – Skip this at the theaters and opt to rent it a few months from now instead. Just read my full review of “Black Swan” if you need more convincing. If you’re itching for a taste of horror this weekend, however, you might want to check out these scary movies on DVD or watch “The Orphanage” (2007), which I was excited to see recently became available on instant Netflix.
  • “The Green Hornet” – Go see this if you absolutely must get an action-packed fix on the big screen, but don’t expect more than a few cool stunts and the feeling that the director anticipated you would laugh a bit more than you are. Also, make sure you see it in a non-3D theater to guarantee the best picture quality; despite the hype, this flick was not shot in 3D so you should save yourself some cash and eyestrain.
  • “True Grit” – Unless you’re a die-hard fan of the Coen brothers or the western genre, I recommend skipping this entirely. The film has some very vivid characters and provides an interesting counterpart to the original John Wayne movie by the same name, but it is too slow moving and lacks enough plot developments to maintain my interest. (To be perfectly honest, I fell asleep in the theater while seeing this.)
  • “Tangled” and “The King’s Speech” – Go see this double-feature with me so we can talk about it. I think this animated, Rapunzel-inspired romp (of which I’ve heard such praise as, “This is a Disney renaissance”) along with this period drama about a stammering king will perfectly complement each other.

Psst: Any other movie-going tips for the weekend? I’d love suggestions. Psst-psst: see Pinterest for image source.




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