Sweet Nothings

Powdered Sugar on a Winter’s Evening

Ah, how I love imagining my nearby doughnut maker's counter tops covered in confectioner's sugar like this

As a cold snap wrings Austin in its grip, ceder allergies set in and the sun rarely comes out to play, focusing on the little happy moments in life becomes increasingly important. If you’re someone who lives in a land of snow, ice and two hours of shoveling between you and the road every morning, an ability to zero in on these little things is downright vital to survival. As though the universe was heeding my call for itty bits of wonderfulness, I discovered the sweetest of things when taking my dog out in our chilly yard the other night. Once I stopped shivering long enough to breathe, I noticed that the air was filled with the aroma of fresh doughnuts – every inch of the yard was permeated by the unctuous smell of frying dough and powdered sugar. These scents were wafting from a doughnut shop a few blocks away from my house, and, although I can’t recall smelling these baked goods any other time of year, I’ve enjoyed a medley of sweet smells every night at 11 for the past week. I think the aromas carry on the breeze so powerfully in winter months because there are no longer leaves on the trees, which means these confectionary scents are free to whip through the neighborhood at full force, and I’m okay with that. In fact, I’ve decided this is my favorite thing about the current season, and I love letting my mind wander away from the cold each night into a warm bakery where fryers sizzle, ovens clang shut, and industrial-sized bags of powdered sugar tear open.

Psst: Judging by my most recent posts, I’d say another thing I do subconsciously to brighten dreary months is surround myself with romantic imagery. I found this picture on Cupcakes and Cashmere, one of my go-to sites for happy images…Are there any other tricks you have for brightening gloomy days? Any little things you absolutely love about winter? Do tell.

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  • Reply Annette January 11, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    Taking that deep breath of cold fresh air, watching my steamy exhale blow into the dark night, powdered sugar falling from the sky, seeing thru the winter trees and watching the sun rise, the snow hugging every nook and cranny of earth and rock, the crunch of snow beneath feet, coming inside and getting warm, crawling into a warm bed…reading your blog by the warm air vent!

  • Reply J. R. Coté January 12, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    Aw, it’s so lovely seeing that my blog is part of your winter wonderland. You just warmed my heart!

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