Weekend Giggles

Giggly girl in a cloche hat, courtesy of The Thinking Tank

I hope your weekend is full of giggles as glorious as this and your waning January hours are brimming over with warm café mochas and happy secrets. The next time I write to you with sweet nothings, it will be an American Tuesday and I will be in Belgium. I will remain abroad for two weeks thereafter and, although my writing hours may be peculiar, I’m ecstatic about keeping you abreast of Netherlandic kitsch, waffles and chocolate on a daily basis. Here’s to giggles that come from the belly and the stories we will share from across continents!

Photo from The Thinking Tank, via The Neo-Traditionalist.

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2 Responses to Weekend Giggles

  1. Pat Oey says:

    Bon voyage, Jennifer!

  2. J. R. Coté says:

    Thank you! I landed safely, albeit with a bit of jetlag after all the planes, trains and automobiles it takes to get from Austin to Belgium. :)

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