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Frozen strawberry margarita and mango daiquiri at Chankanaab Resort in Cozumel, Mexico

For those of us who are lucky enough to have grade-school-inspired vacation schedules, today is our first time back in the office after quite a while. We thus bid adieu to early afternoon cocktails, TV marathons, and other divine varieties of slackerdom. And, although I spent much of my vacation dreading this day, I’ve found myself raring to go since early morning – not to mention my fingers racing across the keyboard after a week of no computer access. This speedy spring in my step will no doubt help with the mound of e-mails filling my in box and the cascading array of tasks on my to-do list, but there are certain things I don’t want to be too quick to move away from about my vacation. First among these instant-nostalgia tidbits is the all-around fabulous week I spent cruising through Central America with my fiancé. We got to spend quality time alone together while exploring corners of the world we’d never seen, and we totally recharged our batteries through simply cuddling on beach towels and reading for hours on end.

A few other things I refuse to leave behind from my vacation include memories of: climbing one of the world’s tallest Mayan ruins and looking at the picaresque world below, spotting a Santa look-alike of a man on the beach donning suspenders with his swim suit,  sneaking glimpses at the teenage boy on our ship who wore a raccoon hat (complete with tail) everywhere, and ice skating on board the ship while coasting through the Gulf of Mexico. Oh, and did I mention that my new favorite teenage wonder wore his raccoon carcass of a hat even in the pool? This quirky image is happily singed forever on my memory, and some of these relaxing images just might have to make their way onto my screen saver…

View from a comfy cabana on West Bay Beach in Roatan, Honduras (what you can’t see are the hundreds of people on the beach in front of us – this cozy bar was such a brilliant find)

Deck chairs looking out at the New River in Tower Hill,  Belize, where we rested right before departing on a riverboat safari

Psst: I hope you have a splendid, productive day and are able to carve out a little time to reflect upon the aspects of the past few weeks that you would like to hold dear for a long time coming. Happy first Monday of 2011!

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  • Reply Pat Oey January 3, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    Thanks for these words and photos–they are so rejuvenating! xox

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