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View of Lake Austin from Ski Shores Cafe back when the leaves were still on the trees - this is my favorite place to spend a long weekend

Are you enjoying the tail end of a long weekend today, or did this fine Monday greet you with just another morning at the office? I’m attempting to make this a hybrid day of equal parts work and playing hooky so I can celebrate my sweet’s actual birthday with him, but I started planning this self-declared holiday long before I realized it’s President’s Day. That seems to be how civic holidays work, though, doesn’t it? All schools and offices celebrate handfuls of different ones, so the day becomes solely about sleeping in and seeking out people who don’t have the day off so you can stick your tongue out at them. Monday holidays are good enough to blow raspberries about after all, and I daresay they make for the best combination: short weeks and long weekends. If only every week subscribed to this formula, we’d all live in a permanent state of bliss and our taunting muscles would atrophy. A part of me wonders if this work schedule would make us more balanced and efficient, or whether we’d just get used to it after a while. However, this is all fantasy (at least for now), and today we all find ourselves faced with either a lovely break or business as usual. Even if you don’t have the day off and are enduring the tongue taunts of others, I suggest giving yourself a mini break at lunch and taking advantage of the swarms of Girl Scouts peddling their sugary wares on the streets. Despite the fact that I have no affiliation with the Girl Scouts of America, I’ve long upheld the theory that Thin Mints make any day a holiday…What’s your surefire way to make average days feel like celebrations? And, what would you do if you had a long weekend every week?

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  • Reply Annette February 21, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    A lovely break for me…skating atop Larz Anderson Park under sunny skies in the open air! It was such fun and made me remember all the years on ice with my daughters at all ages. Ah, how I wish I could twirl…or at least stop quickly when it gets crowded. Instead of milk crates now they have these fancy tubular things that seem to work quite nicely to teach beginners on the “little rink”.

  • Reply J. R. Coté February 22, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    Ice skating outdoors sounds like the makings for a perfect day off. Hope it was fun!

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