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Revival House

Grilled cheese and tomato soup, photo courtesy of Jenny Steffens Hobick

I have tried to conceal it for days, resisting the urge to complain and bury my head under a stack of pillows in the hotel room, but I’ve had a nagging cold since boarding the plane to Europe and I just can’t hide it anymore. Although I’d planned on visiting a revival house last night and reporting back to you on the experience of watching old Hollywood movies from Amsterdam, I ended up staying in and slurping tomato soup to the sights and sounds of “CSI: Miami” with Dutch subtitles. It’s amazing what passes for great TV when you’re away from home – I would have settled for a British reality show, but the normally unwelcome sight of David Caruso made me ecstatic. As Mr. Caruso, hot soups and hilarious Dutch infomercials nurse me back to health throughout another day, I think I’ve found my own kind of revival house here in Amsterdam. I hope shielding myself from the chilly winds of this city today will give me just the boost of healing I need to go exploring tomorrow. I send warm, tomato-soup-filled thoughts to all my friends in Austin without power and anyone else out there who’s feeling a bit under the weather. Here’s hoping you find your own revival house.

Photo from Everyday Occasions, via Pinterest.

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