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Old Volkswagen Bug saturated in sunlight and suitcases, courtesy of Pinterest

I flew from Austin to San Jose this afternoon, a blur of arrival and departure screens whirring in my mind as I dozed off amidst futile attempts at productivity. This haze of flight-status updates feels like it’s been wallpapering my life of late what with all my recent travels, but something about this trip feels decidedly different. Perhaps the difference comes from the fact that this trip is actually the first leg of my sweet’s and my permanent move to California; this weekend we are taking a road trip along the Pacific Coast to Los Angeles, where we will start settling some things into our new apartment. We won’t be moving ourselves, all our belongings, or our mischievous dog there until June, but this is most certainly the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Among many other things, it is the start of a time in our lives when my fiancé will no longer hop on planes six times a week for work, when we’ll have the luxury of sharing dinner with each other 100 nights in a row if we want to, and when I can go all out in pursuing my dream of writing for Television. As our careers catapult and our jet setting subsides, the thing I love most is that we’ll no longer be coming and going all the time…In this new chapter of our lives we’ll actually be staying. That’s right, comings and goings are fun, but stayings are divine. They’re the times when you remain put in one place long enough to bake blueberry pancakes on Sunday mornings and watch TV shows when they actually air, the times when you can’t recall a single thing you’ve accomplished in a day and yet have the sneaking suspicion that it ranks among the best of your life. I look forward to sharing my road trip with you over the next week as I journey toward an abundance of stayings.

Photo from Pinterest.

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  • Reply Tony March 11, 2011 at 7:29 am

    Moving toward staying is a nice thought.

  • Reply Jennifer R. Coté March 11, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    Yes, Tony. Both my homebody self and my inner word-play junkie really like this concept. 🙂

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