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Kitsch Fix #23: Piggy Bank Décolletage

Ceramic milkmaid piggy bank at a souvenir shop in Amsterdam

I’ve been weeding my way through travel photos in every spare moment lately, and I thoroughly enjoy rediscovering the splendid sights I witnessed in Europe this January. If you’re sick of Amsterdam kitsch, I’m sorry, but I just can’t get over the fabulousness of the Dutch and their bold souvenirs. This bosomy milkmaid who beckons for passerby to insert spare change in her décolletage is no exception to the unabashed nature of Holland’s chotchkies. If only this fair lady was mechanized and winked every time a quarter clinked into the slot above her cleavage, I think I would’ve had no choice but to bring one of these home in my suitcase.

Lascivious maidens all in a row, luring you to save your pennies

Don’t you feel like she’s winking only at you here? “Come here darnlin’ and give me a quarter.”

Psst: In case you can’t tell, I’m trying make up for all my recent love-themed/girl-power-laden posts with photos of animal carcasses and cleavage. Is it working to win back the trust of any macho-man readers out there? It better be, because – come on – who knew a piggy bank could be this sexy?

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