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Moving into Movieland

Storefront of Movie World, a shop that sells all imaginable movie memorabilia, posters and periodicals in Burbank, CA

As I scope out my future digs in Los Angeles, the land of film and dreams, I’ve ironically had zero time to watch TV shows or movies (the very things I’m moving here to write). So, instead of sharing movie recommendations with you this Thursday, all I have to offer are fragmented descriptions of the life that’s happening all around me as opposed to on the screen in front of me. In place of cellulose and key lighting, my past week has been full of vineyard-lined highways for days, palm trees, perfect sunshine and splotchy hills that look as though they’ve been attacked by a green-tie-dye vigilante…

There’s been the fresh-paint smell, the meticulous assembly of an Ikea sofa and the mapping out of the fastest route to the grocery store. There’s also been copying of keys, stockpiling of take-out containers, and earth-shattering discoveries of gourmet chocolate stores and a Forever 21 within walking distance of our apartment. This is all to say, California will no doubt wreak havoc on my wallet, blood sugar levels and the unspoken codes of age-appropriate hemlines, and I can’t wait to see what other real-life adventures await in movieland. I look forward to sharing them with you, as well as gushing to you about moving pictures once the dizzying reel-to-reel of life slows down a bit.

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