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Seesaw Silver Lining

Metal moustache-shaped teeter-totter in front of El Chilito in Austin, TX

A certain so-and-so is experiencing major crunch time right now. She’s been working until 2 a.m. (even on weekends), and waking up to the smell of dog vomit at the foot of her bed  three mornings in a row and counting. As a result of this sub-optimum schedule, our fair heroine has decided two things: 1) whenever she encounters someone she deems in need of humble pie, she’ll simply say, “Get thyself a puppy!” and 2) March should come with super-magnified, silver-lining-detecting-X-ray glasses…

Fortunately for me (the lady who’s neither confirming nor denying that she’s the so-and-so in question), I came across just the silver lining I was craving yesterday. I was driving down Austin’s Manor Road and came across two young girls playing on a teeter-totter that was shaped like a moustache, and my spirits instantly lifted. This children’s play structure came complete with red lips and big black glasses made from plywood, and you can still find it at the base of the El Chilito Taqueria sign. There really is nothing like innocent children’s play and quirky facial hair to brighten over-stuffed days…If there aren’t any giant moustaches where you live, what’s your silver lining of late?

Bespectacled play structure beneath the El Chilito sign – zoom in and you’ll see the sign post also bears a red heart and a drawing of Worf from “Star Trek”

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  • Reply Tony March 29, 2011 at 8:01 am

    There is no silver lining. Only the vague threat of the iron shackles of a debtor’s prison.

    Why are you working until 2a.m.?

  • Reply Jennifer March 29, 2011 at 8:46 am

    I enjoy the giant moustache (and the delicious tacos that could possibly accompany it), but Bikram yoga has become my daily meditation – allowing me to shirk all the stress and drama that work can bring.

    Don’t listen to Tony – he’s a cynic, and I’ve made my promise to allow him to be a kept man for as long as he wants to pursue his passion…there should be no iron shackles 🙂

  • Reply Jennifer R. Coté March 29, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    Whew, thanks for the reassurance, Jennifer. (I was about to suggest taking up lock-picking so we can bust Tony out of debtor’s prison.) Bikram yoga sounds like the most amazing, cleansing silver lining, and the fact that you’re doing it daily sounds nothing short of life-altering.

    To answer your question, Tony: I’m currently writing a short of my own and rewriting someone else’s. The main thing that’s keeping me up late, however, is the spec script I’m working on of “Sons of Anarchy.” Even on nights when I can call it quits early, images of guns and drugs from Charming, CA, tend to keep me up until the wee hours. Such are the sacrifices we make for art, though. 😉

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