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Blinged-out tire in front of an automotive shop in Austin, TX

Do you ever have those weekends that just zip by, leaving no traces of where they ran off to? You know, the weekends you enter with the best intentions of catching up on sleep, errands and all the responsible things an adult should do, yet the kinds you find yourself and your carpets on the other side of feeling just as un-rested and un-vacuumed as ever? I just experienced one such blur of a Saturday/Sunday, but miraculously went into auto pilot today and reverted to a little productivity trick I learned a few years back. This recipe for making lemonade out of the most sour of Mondays is quite simple: it involves equal parts of one (1) giant thermos of coffee and one (1) tuna melt. Perhaps the power this combo has over me is associative or maybe it’s due to the rush of caffeine and protein, but all I know is that my friends Albacore and Jo helped me meet a deadline on four hours of sleep today. This ain’t too shabby even if I say so myself, and my day of making proverbial lemonade out of groggy lemons has got me thinking about the important life lesson we all eventually learn…The lesson of how to make the best of imperfect situations.

Finding ways to be productive under less-than-ideal circumstances is vital in our personal and professional lives, and this is a skill I’m still trying to master. Yup, this means sometimes my coffee-and-tuna-melt combo works better than others, and on those “other” times I’ve been known to downright struggle to get a single thing accomplished on a bad day. I realize some of this struggle originates from the creative type’s curse (a.k.a., the misconception that artists need to be inspired and moved every time we create things, when the reality is that people in absolutely every line of work simply have to buckle down in order to meet plain-ol’ deadlines). I think the other, more significant, reason that my productivity recipe doesn’t always work is that it just isn’t fail proof. This makes me wonder if there is a fail-proof fix out there, so I think it only wise to ask you, my sagely readers…Do you have any tricks for getting through tired mornings or uphill days? Do you have one go-to trick or multiple tactics you turn to? Do these tricks work every time or do you find yourself doing a lot of trial and error, like me? I’d love to hear from you!

Snazzy tire from another angle – sometimes we simply need to adjust our views in a similar way when we’re having rough days

Psst: Part of the reason my weekend flew by was because I was restlessly giddy about two photo shoots I got to take part in. I can hardly wait until later this week, when I’ll get to show you some images from the lenses of two remarkable creative spirits. If you need help making lemonade out of your day, I hope anticipation of these amazing photographers’ work can provide motivation to keep using that lemon squeezer.

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