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Kitsch Fix #30: Picasso and Poultry

Picasso-esque cardboard shapes, plaster bodies and a guitar on a front lawn in Austin, TX

This past weekend my city hosted something called the Austin Art Yards Tour, an informal walking/driving tour that invites Austinites to gawk at notable lawn art all around the greater metropolitan area. My high expectations weren’t quite met, but there were some highlights including a giant plaster chicken and a lawn covered in flamingos wearing chiffon headdresses. It also turned out that the gorilla I shared with you last week was included in this walking tour. The crowning kitschscape that made the whole tour worthwhile, however, was a two-story homage to Picasso made almost entirely from black-and-white-painted cardboard…

Are there any pieces of yard art in your area that would give these top contenders a run for their money?

Mammoth chicken statue chained to an Austinite’s front gate

Plastic flamingo donning chiffon and sunglasses

Another glimpse of the cardboard homage to Picasso – don’t you just love how the lawn chairs invite people to laze around and admire the kitschscaping?

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