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Royal Roundup

Quirky commemorative plates inspired by William and Kate’s nuptials

To watch the royal wedding or not to watch the royal wedding? That is the question, and many a skeptic might amend this query to say: why watch the royal wedding? After all, monarchy is a bit outdated and the wedding ceremony itself takes place before the crack of dawn for those of us living stateside, but I think this is precisely why the royal nuptials are worth viewing…As adults, we’re rarely kept awake all night by happy things – long gone are the days of giddily lying awake in anticipation of winning the science fair or opening birthday presents, and here to stay are sleepless nights in the name of sick children, family turmoil and friends in crisis. In honor of the more blissful sleeplessness of nights gone by, I think we should all take advantage of this happy reason to lose sleep and soak up all the royal wedding coverage while it’s live…

There are many folks across the states hosting alcohol-laden viewing parties, but I vote for tuning into the nuptials in a more innocent way. Why not channel the youngin’ you were when you dreamed of meeting your very own prince or princess and do what that kid would do? Maybe host a slumber party with sleeping bags, ice-cream sundaes and bowls of popcorn and peanut M&Ms…Or, perhaps keep this sleepless night low-key by snuggling with your loved ones and holding informal contests to see who can find the best samplings of royal-wedding-inspired kitsch, such as the Kate-and-William refrigerator or the commemorative plates above. Personally, I’ll be working on a writing project late into the night while enjoying all the collective excitement on TV leading up to the official ceremony, which airs at 5 a.m. (eastern-standard time). To keep the night fun, I’m writing down predictions about Kate’s dress and a few other details, as well as stocking up on a pint of my favorite ice cream. If you want to celebrate but aren’t obsessed with tiaras, weddings or ice cream, you can get in the spirit by playing a video game that lets you save the royal wedding from a zombie attack. Be it through sleepover parties, zombies or a mix of work and play, do you have any plans for celebrating the royal nuptials this evening?

Image courtesy of 100 Layer Cake.

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