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Wild daisies growing up to five feet tall amidst the sidewalk across from my house

This weekend I embark on a two-day film shoot for my original short, “Consumed.” The experience of having my script brought to life by phenomenal actors and crewmembers is already amazing, but it hasn’t been without hiccups (read: last-minute location changes, budget bulges, etc.). I’m sure the amazingness will continue along with problems cropping up left and right as filming progresses, and this means the next two days will be all about finding solutions when there seemingly are none and looking on the bright side of every situation. That’s right, instead of furniture sales and picnics my Memorial Day Weekend will involve simply making things work in order to bring a deep-seated artistic vision to fruition. I cannot wait to share the experience with you in several days, but until then, here’s to hoping everything comes up roses and posies for you. Happy long weekend!

White flowers blooming on trees all around Austin right now - how can anyone not look on the bright side with these beauts around?

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