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Kitsch Fix #34: Fries With That

Plaster French fries in front of an open-air restaurant counter in Amsterdam

As you may have picked up on through the chlorine fumes that have been telepathically wafting from these pages lately, I’m in the midst of spring cleaning on steroids. While this involves annoying things like selling mattresses on Craigslist and spending hours on end cooped up in linen closets, these organizational activities also give me a chance to rediscover kitsch I’d forgotten about. One such spectacular piece of kitsch is this array of giant, plaster French fries I snapped while in Amsterdam. These large cones of French fries mark the ground, much like pillars or stone lions, before a storefront food stand that sells nothing but deep-fried potato treats for people to snack on while strolling the city’s canals. I love how their color and lines are reminiscent of McDonald’s iconic fiberglass ‘M’ and yet how the peeing cherub on the Mannekenpis business seal makes this so European. I mean, is there anything farther from the image Mickey D’s tries to project than that of a pot-bellied, pissing boy? An added bonus: manneken pis literally translates to “Little man pee” in Dutch. Enjoy where this causes your mind to wander…

Yup, this restaurant serves fries in cones similar to the ones holding these big, plaster potatoes

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