Sweet Nothings

Sinking In

Painted, repurposed sink at the entrance of my favorite antique store in Massachusetts, the state in which I acquired my sloppy toothpaste-spitting skills

Do you ever have those moments when you’re suddenly sensitive to everything around you and hyper-aware of where you are not only in space but in the grand scope of time? Well, I had one of these moments last night while standing above our bathroom sink and letting water trickle through my fingers. Something about the porcelain basin and stainless-steel faucet set lights a flicker in my mind, and I couldn’t help thinking about the fact that it was the last night when my sweetheart and I would have to soak up each other’s smells before he departed on a lengthy business trip – at least it was the last night like this we’d experience in our current home. I let the water run far too long as my mind reeled, unsure why our simple bathroom sink had brought this on, and I proceeded to crawl into bed minutes later still as oblivious as to what was making me so sentimental. Perhaps sentimental isn’t the right word, though, because what I was feeling was merely aware…

It was as though my subconscious was whispering to me, “This night will never happen again,” and as if the water pipes were mumbling, “Haven’t you noticed you’re moving to Los Angeles in two and a half weeks, silly girl?” And so, it was after conversing with trickling water that I became abundantly conscious of the fact that I’m about to close a major chapter in my life and move across the country. Why this happened over a faucet, I don’t know. But, I do know I breathed in the smells of last night deeply and vowed to criticize my fiancé’s toothpaste-spitting skills a dozen more times before transitioning to the double-sink luxury of our LA apartment. I also know this: it’s finally sinking in that life is about to change. And, ya know what? I’m okay with that.

Psst: If you’re like me, you have these moments of clarity about once every few months, but are you unlike me in that you understand what brings them on? Do you experience moments of hyper awareness at random times, or have you noticed a clear pattern about when they happen? I would love to hear from you.

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