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Kitsch Fix #36: Austin Adieu

Guitar-and-fountain-drink-holding statue above Fran’s Hamburgers in Austin, TX

I am only 1.5 days away from leaving Austin for good, and I figure it would be a shame to depart without paying an homage to some of the kitsch around town I have yet to share with you. After all, I’m a gal who moved to Austin in search of love and kitschy plaster statues. So, let’s hear it for rollerskating, guitar-playing ladies who pedal hamburger meat at drive-ins; jolly-green midgets who promote smoothie shops; and submarine sandwiches that sit atop old-time Western storefronts like defective, cheese-filled UFOs. Austin, this is why I love you…

Plaster statues of a little peapod man and carrots atop Daily Juice

Thundercloud Subs on 12th Street – don’t you love how out of place this plaster statue looks atop this old-time storefront?

Psst: Stay tuned for a bonus installment of Austin kitsch fixes tomorrow.

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