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Kitsch Fix #37: Austin Adieu Part Deux

Luscious-lipped cow statue in front of Amy’s Ice Cream in Austin, TX

My last week in Austin has included eating heaps of chips and queso, kayaking on the Colorado River, listening to a free Bob Schneider concert on a picnic blanket while drinking contraband wine, and taking in as much kitsch as possible. I feel such a rush of emotions as my love and I prepare to leave tomorrow morning, and maybe you’ll have a slight notion of why when you see some more of the absurd things that dwell in every nook and cranny of this city.

Space-shuttle barbecue pit we spotted just a few blocks from our house – dang that Texas Angus better taste out of this world

Sno-Bunny sculpture atop a food cart in the parking lot of Fiesta Mart

Smiling ear of corn that shares a trailer top with the Sno-Bunny

Cowboy riding a jack rabbit on the Uncommon Objects sign – a well-known image in this utterly uncommon city

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