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Kitsch Fix #44: Burlesque Shelving

Ceramic, feather-adorned lady I spotted at a garage sale in Burbank, CA

I drove past a peculiar little garage sale this weekend, and something in the side-view mirror made me screech my car into a U-turn. “What could cause this erratic driving?” you ask. Nothing other than this statue of a buxom, tassel-and-garter-wearing woman who just happens to have a glass shelf perched on her chest. I adore the tilt of her head, her black gloves and blue eyeshadow, and (above everything else) I just can’t get enough of the fact that she’s sticking out her tongue slightly and biting down on it. Just imagine walking into someone’s house for a dinner party and being welcomed by a spread of shrimp cocktail and chardonnay atop this lady’s bountiful bosom. I wouldn’t be able to stop talking about it for days – no, a lifetime – especially if the hosts of said dinner party were seemingly quiet and conservative. So, please, I’m begging any bookish, tasteful, party-hosting people out there to track down this statue and shatter the expectations of everyone who knows you. I’d say it’s a safe bet that this lady is still available to work parties, but I don’t know for sure because when I was on my way home that night all traces of the garage sale had been cleared away…

For just $125 this conversation piece could be yours

Psst: This lady kind of reminds me of the bosomy piggy banks I spotted in Amsterdam a while back.  Which piece of kitsch is your favorite, our American Vaudeville performer or the Dutch milkmaids?

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  • Reply T. July 28, 2011 at 2:34 am

    Cool find!

    • Reply Jennifer R. Coté July 29, 2011 at 1:36 am

      Thanks, T! I was totally psyched when I spotted this lovely lady. 🙂

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