Painted and engraved wooden heart on a garden gate in Half Moon Bay, CA

My husband (whoa now, that’s a surreal thing to write) texted me this photo while I was getting my hair done on the morning of our wedding. It’s an old gate to a random garden in Half Moon Bay’s town center, and – fittingly enough – a floodgate of emotions opened up inside me shortly after I smiled down at this image in the palm of my hand. The day proceeded to whirr by in what I can only describe as a happy blur, and I still find it hard to believe that the tiny, blissful wedding we’d put so much thought and planning into actually happened. The whole time – from the hairspray and curling irons to the exchanging of vows – was such an out-of-body experience, but I’m hoping I can collect my thoughts and tears long enough to write down our wedding story sometime over the next few days. One thing that’s both helping ground me in the reality of the experience and making me float in the clouds right now are the glimpses of our day that photographer Clayton Austin has already posted to his blog. I am so touched to read about and view our love story through the eyes of one of the most humble, tasteful and downright talented artists I’ve ever come across (never mind had the privilege of knowing)…So yeah, even though it’s all still an emotional blur to me, you can find some hard evidence of the most tear-inducing day of my life on the Clayton. Austin. Love. Stories. Blog.

Sending love and happy wishes your way, dear readers, as I search for words somewhere beyond the floodgates…

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