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If Not Now

What creative dreamers haven’t promised themselves this would be their room with a view “someday,” yet how many make that “someday” a reality now?

Do you remember the Tracy Chapman song If Not Now? It came up on my playlist yesterday, and I melted into a puddle of nostalgic bliss as I recalled lying on my childhood carpet and listening to the lyrics:

“If not now, then when? If not today, then why make your promises? A love declared for days to come is as good as none.”

Thinking about Chapman’s words and the innocent kid I was back then makes me realize how often we make these promises of tomorrow both to other people and ourselves. It is so easy to say we’ll do things later and even easier/more tempting to believe these promises, but at some point we all have to seize the moment and force ourselves to actively pursue the love, lifestyle, and level of creative fulfillment we desire. Sometimes this comes in the form of grand gestures, like moving to the city of your dreams, eloping with your paramour, or quitting your day job. Other times, this “seizing of the now” comes in baby steps. For me, Ms. Chapman’s ditty provided inspiration to get the ball rolling with a lot of baby steps: I stayed up insanely late last night to complete a bunch of post-wedding tasks that had been nagging at me and cluttering the creative corners of my mind. With all that clutter taken care of and procrastination pushed aside, I’m ready to tackle the early stages of a new writing project, and I’m ready to do it now. What will you do now, and how will you politely tell “someday” to shove it? Leave a comment.

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