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My laurels for the 2011 Burbank International Film Festival

Although they are not meant to be rested on, laurels are pretty nice things to come across every once in a while. For me, this nicety happened just the other night when I learned my feature-length screenplay “Finishing School” is an official selection of the Burbank International Film Festival. This cinophilia convention takes place September 15-18 and I’m not quite sure what opportunities it will hold in terms of my career, but I am certain of this: a bitty dash of recognition feels so damn good. This lovely news comes with smashing timing, too, because lately I’ve been feeling like my screenwriting is in a bit of a slump. But, magically at the sight of my very own laurels my desktop slumpeth no more…Isn’t it grand how just when you think career disappointments are here to stay and you’ll be sloshing along in anonymity for another year, a little birdie of hope lands on the shoulder that is your email inbox? Does this birdie always come along in a timely manner? Usually not, but sometimes we’ve got to imagine these little birdies of hope on our shoulders anyway. After all, if I weren’t equal parts delusional and hard-working I would never get anything done. What birds on your shoulder (real or imagined) are inspiring you today?

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