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Kitsch Fix #52: Pirate’s Revenge

Plaster axe and fist advertising Enchanted Deva’s Last Wish Revenge ‘N’ Treasures in North Hollywood, CA

It isn’t even October yet, but I already feel the costumes and candy corn of Halloween fast approaching. In honor of the advent of this splendidly scary holiday, I figure a purple, pirate-themed storefront is the perfect kitschy treasure to share with you today. Although this plaster fist clutching an axe is what first caught my eye about the now-closed Enchanted Deva’s Last Wish Revenge ‘N’ Treasures, the abundance of pirate paraphernalia is what kept me marveling as I rounded each corner of the building. When the store was in business, it sold pirate gear, belly-dance supplies, and “fantasy” art. It also hosted weekly tarot card readings and healing seminars, and held quite the array of pirate statues (some even swinging from the ceiling on ropes). I only wish I could have seen this little gem in its heyday, but I think you’ll agree that what remains of the store’s exterior isn’t to shabby, matey…

“Treasures” sign above the adorably lopsided awning

I love me some hand-painted pirate messages on my window frames, like “No fear of pirates says you.”

“Properly warned says I.” That’s right, you been warned…

If the written warnings don’t ward you off, the pirate graffiti just might do the trick

Enchanted Deva’s likeness on the side of the building

One last glimpses of the purple storefront and plaster axe of days gone by

Psst: I wonder how long this quirky storefront will remain intact before being buried across a junkyard in fragments. Ah the scavenging kitsch lovers will be able to do for treasures like this one day…Anyone going as a pirate for Halloween this year? Any non-pirate costume plans in the works, or are you scheming about any other fun preparations for fall, like jumping in piles of leaves or brewing cider? Leave a comment.

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  • Reply Annette September 22, 2011 at 3:09 am

    Almost in time for International Speak Like A Pirate Day which happens every September 19th. I saw this on my calendar and had to check it out. Guess people have parties and teachers do lesson plans around it. Couldn’t help but wear my white pirate shirt and a bandana to school…So glad LA is fulfilling your kitsch desires!

    • Reply Jennifer R. Coté September 22, 2011 at 9:52 am

      Haha, I noticed I was just one day off from Speak Like a Pirate Day with this post and it made me smile. I used to work in an office with some people who took the holiday quite seriously, with very elaborate costumes, thick “AARRR” filled accents, and even pirate T-shirts for anyone who forgot to dress up. There are people out there with quite the undying love for Captain Hook and Jack Sparrow. 😉

  • Reply kristina@beancakes ★ September 22, 2011 at 9:52 am

    ah! this is too cool! and i really hope that it doesn’t get knocked down only to build another walmart or something… that would be a major shame, but at least you’ve captured this gem in pictures right? LOVE the pirate graffiti, so very awesome! and a pirate does sound kind of cool for a halloween costume! 😉 😉
    xoxo ~ kristina

  • Reply Jennifer R. Coté September 23, 2011 at 11:34 am

    Arrgh. I didn’t see your comment until now, Kristina. 😉 I really do think it would be a shame to see this plaster hand and all the cool graffiti demolished, but – like you say – I’m also really grateful that I spotted it and had a chance to take photos. I hope your first week of autumn is going wonderfully, my dear!

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