Hipster's Guide to Indifferent Exercise

Hipsters Unleashed

Hipster dog park cartoon by Howard Gindoff, spotted at the Silver Lake Dog Park

Calling all hipsters with a burning desire to exercise your dogs indifferently…Just put on a backwards baseball cap, grab your yellow Walkman and a mason jar of kombucha, and head over to the Silver Lake Dog Park. Said puppy paradise is where I stumbled across this fabulous cartoon by Howard Gindoff today, and I simply couldn’t resist sharing…

I love that this comic is titled “Los Felia: an unnatural attraction to Los Feliz and surrounding neighborhoods.” If you’re from LA and have seen the droves of hipsters that flock to Los Feliz and Silver Lake, I’m sure you’re chuckling along with me…

Psst: For the record, I think running or walking a dog is one of the best ways to get seemingly indifferent exercise, but there really is nothing like an occasional trip to the dog park for a dose of beer sipping, gossiping, and hipster watching. We all must pay homage to the skinny-jeans gods afterwards, however, and burn off all those IPAs by running around town in a giant chicken costume. So, my indifferent darlings, did this Los Felia comic make you scowl ironically while laughing on the inside? Leave a comment.

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