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Kitsch Fix #68: New Neighbors

Plaster statue I spotted on Hollywood Boulevard – don’t you love the duct-tape-patched bomber jacket?

With just a little more than a week left before our move-in day, my husband and I have been spending lots of time at our new house getting it ready for our arrival. Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting our new neighbors, the sweetest people who greeted us with potted orchids and juicy tidbits about the neighborhood. When I moseyed down to Hollywood Boulevard, which is just a 20-minute walk away from our new digs, I was delighted to meet another neighbor of the plaster-kitsch-fabulous variety. I think this fella is a James Dean impersonator, and I stumbled upon him in front of a souvenir shop where he was oh-so-coolly leaning against a brick wall that was painted in a Coca-Cola mural. This rebel without a cause has seen better days, as you can tell from the cracks running down his face and the gaping holes in the elbows of his jacket, but I think the plaster cracks and duct-taped holes just add to his charm…

Mr. Dean’s doppelgänger on profile

Oh, and could the fact that he’s leaning against this graffitied Coca-Cola mural be any more perfect?

Psst: Hollywood Boulevard really is one of the most kitsch-filled pockets of Los Angeles, so I can’t wait to explore the area more and share all my sightings with you. Until then, I am giddily counting down the days to my move and wishing you a marvelous start to March! Leave a comment.

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