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Kitsch Fix #69: Popsicles, Pigs, and Gnomes, Oh My

Gnome stool holding catalogs outside Taschen bookstore in Beverly Hills, CA

My parents in law paid us a visit a couple weeks ago, and this provided the perfect excuse to play tourist in our relatively new city. We kept everything low-key and steered clear of any sightseeing buses, but I was delighted by the amount of kitsch we accidentally spotted around town. My two favorite sightings were the above gnome footstool outside a store on Rodeo Drive of all places, and this winged-pig hood ornament that an ice-cream truck was donning near the Hollywood Bowl Lookout. This second kitschy gem was a particularly awesome sight because: 1) it’s a pig on a frickin’ ice-cream truck, and, 2) it reminded of a similar ornament I saw on a purple Buick not so long ago. I never had the chance to snap a photo of the original flying pig atop his grape-hued ride, so I was ecstatic to see this ice cream truck parked amidst the Hollywood Hills just waiting for its close up…

Winged-pig hood ornament on an ice-cream truck

Here’s a closeup of the chrome piggy – you’re welcome

Psst: Speaking of pimped-out rides, I feel I would be remiss if I did not mention that I saw a Range Rover yesterday that was bedazzled in rhinestones. The car’s paint job wasn’t bejeweled, but every inch of silver trim, license-plate framing, and hood ornamentation was covered in sparkle. I was too caught up in the spectacle (and in my own fantasy of what the vehicle’s owner looked like) to take a photo, but if the flying pig has taught me anything it’s that I’m bound to spot a Range Rover shellacked bumper-to-bumper with rhinestones just a few months from now…Don’t you just love all the kitschy ways people find to express themselves, be it on their cars, ice cream trucks, or storefronts? Leave a comment.

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