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Kitsch Fix #70: Corner Store

A plaster cow and Hollywood sign welcoming customers to Metropolis Nick in Los Angeles, CA

Tucked away on a former auto-showcase lot in mid-town Los Angeles is a place where old movie props go to die and kitsch goes to be fabulous. This haven of neon, plaster, and pop culture is none other than Metropolis Nick Collectible Furniture, and I simply cannot believe I was unaware of its existence until last weekend. Metropolis Nick is a unique outdoor store situated on the corner of La Brea Avenue and 1st Street, and there were so many dazzling sights to behold there that I had to break my photos up into two posts. Without further ado, here is the first installment…

Don’t you love how the old-fashioned lamps from the 1950s car dealership tower over the even-more-prehistoric dinosaur statues?

And what’s a collection of kitsch without a bottle of A1 Sauce and a whale?

Metropolis Nick has a wide variety of Hollywood signs to meet all your neon needs

These M&Ms with a secret would make pretty cool planter boxes, no?

See you next week for more kitsch-tastic views from Metropolis Nick…

Psst: Do the dinosaurs remind you of these fellas we spotted back in Half Moon Bay in a kitsch post of yesteryear? Out of all the goodies at Metropolis Nick, which piece of kitsch is your favorite so far? For some reason mine is the whale/A1 Sauce combo. Maybe it’s just due to the way it gives me a strange craving for an endangered-species burger. Leave a comment.

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