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A pink flower and lemons from my garden

You know those weeks when it feels like absolutely everything is requiring your full attention? Well, I’m getting the sense that this is one of ’em for me…No matter how busy we get, I think these weeks are rare for most of us due to the fact that our priorities come in cycles and we often have to give our “all” to just a few select things in our lives/work at once, while giving our “halves” to other things and letting all else merely wait its turn. During those outlier phases when nothing is willing to wait, however, it feels as though every second is a key moment within the race to get things done. At times like this, my first instinct has always been to look for some kind of quick, disposable coping mechanism – say the sugar high of a king-sized candy bar, the caffeine jolt from a vat of drive-thru soda, or the reckless rush of an unnecessary shopping spree. Despite my proclivity for drive-thru windows and Kit Kats, I’ve recently found that just what the doctor ordered is sometimes one simple, slow thing.

This could not have been more true than last night, when I finally shut my computer on 11 hours of work and proceeded to wander around my backyard with my dog picking fruit from our citrus trees. Our little lemon-and-tangerine expedition couldn’t have lasted more than 15 minutes, but I loved that for those precious moments I wasn’t rushing onward to the next task or manically fueling my body with caffeine – I was just being me and aimlessly picking fruit that I will likely never eat. We’ll see how I fare (and how many candy bars escape unscathed) by the end of the week, but for now I’m thinking a few still-life moments amidst chaos are the way to feel like I’m living instead of just coping with it all. What say you? Have you had any motionless moments of late that energized you even though you weren’t doing anything in particular to recharge your batteries? Leave a comment.

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