Sweet Nothings

Craving Calm

Claude is one happy camper with a twig and his parents nearby

This world has been a very noisy and confusing place for a certain short-dark-‘n’-handsome gentleman lately. I’m of course speaking of my pup, Claude, who has found himself utterly puzzled by the construction sounds, strange smells, and plastic drop cloths our current kitchen remodel has brought into his home. He does several perimeter searches daily and sniffs around each miniscule corner of our yard as though making sure everything that’s vital to his world-domination plan (oh yes, I’m positive he has such a plan) is still in place. Claude has even been hiding his toys and acting quite hungry for attention, but I noticed a marked change in his behavior this Saturday when my husband and I spent every daylight hour in the backyard with our four-legged son. It was anything but tranquil and quiet, because we were cutting, sanding and sealing our new counter tops, but Claude didn’t mind the noise concession – he merely seemed happy to have both his parents at his side and an unlimited supply of sticks at his disposal. Seeing what a blissful grin this day of togetherness brought to my pup’s face has made me crave more calm time just spent with my little family. I can’t wait until we’re done with our kitchen projects at the end of the month, and I fully intend to block out vast stretches in my calendar for doing nothing in particular other than being together…

He loved checking out our progress while we sanded our butcher-block counters

Could we have had a prettier view to look out at from our weekend projects?

The guy knows how to strike a pose…

A close up of the butcher block and our fancy new saw

Someone’s just a picture of relaxation, isn’t he?

Psst: Did you have a relaxing weekend or one that was full of projects? Do you have any indulgent/do-nothing-but-lounge plans to look forward to this summer? I’d love to hear all about work and play, or to commiserate about the “all work and no play” you have ahead! Leave a comment.

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