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Coronado Island

Hotel Del Coronado, a wooden Victorian that’s been standing off the coast of San Diego since 1888

Let the veil of mystery be lifted…My husband surprised me with a trip to Coronado Island last weekend for our anniversary! Coronado is a tiny island off the southernmost tip of California and it requires sitting in some pretty sluggish traffic to get there, but it was worth it to get away from the routine of everyday life and all the work that tends to follow us home. We stayed at the Hotel Del Coronado, which is the beautifully maintained, giant wood structure that actually served as the location for one of my favorite movies, “Some Like It Hot.” We sipped red wine, slept in, ate too much (the most notable dish was fried prosciutto with a dipping sauce that tasted exactly like sour-cream-and-onion potato chips), and I made the delightful discovery that wedding anniversaries are like birthdays on steroids. This is to say: as I shared a simple, seaside stroll with my love and we reminisced about exchanging our vows, I had the giddiest feeling that I never wanted the day to end. Here are some snapshots from our little getaway…

I couldn’t help marveling at how massive yet ancient this seaside structure was

Our anniversary date written in the sand

I don’t think I’ve had sour-cream-and-onion potato chips in years, but this fried prosciutto took me right back to elementary school lunches

Chocolate caramels and red wine didn’t exactly remind me of childhood, but they were yummy

My sweet and I as the sun set on our first wedding anniversary

Sunsets and palm trees…

The rooftop of the hotel looked so cool all lit up at night

Psst: Isn’t it neat that this big structure has been standing for so long, and that its wood has weathered so many years by the sea? Do you remember seeing this building in “Some Like It Hot?” Leave a comment.

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  • Reply Laine Griffin August 21, 2012 at 4:37 am

    Looks like an amazing weekend!
    I need that prosciutto asap!

    • Reply Coté August 22, 2012 at 9:26 am

      You know what, Laine? I think this trip (and particularly the prosciutto) are going to have serious repercussions in my normal life – I’ve already purchased one bag of sour-cream-and onion potato chips. Me, prosciutto, and a deep frier are up for the next adventure. 😉

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