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Isn't this gentleman sweet giving a lady a helping hand to leap over a puddle?

Isn’t this gentleman sweet giving a lady a helping hand to leap over a puddle?

Do you ever feel like you put too much time and effort into your career, while letting your personal life perennially occupy the back burner? Or, maybe do you get consumed by big life goals while letting small, day-to-day pleasures slip through your fingers? This is a sentiment widely experienced between me, my husband, and many of our friends – we work toward the big stuff of life at the speed of light, only to slow down months later and realize that personally we’re still standing in the same spots. Recently, I was stuck with a pretty darn good idea of how to fix this, so let’s see what you think…It suddenly hit me that maybe the reason so many of us let our personal lives fall to the wayside is because we don’t treat them with the same seriousness as we would a job. This is to say: I’ve made numerous action plans for meeting career goals or losing big chunks of weight, but I don’t think I’ve ever sat down and drawn up a detailed plan for “relaxing more” or “being more present.” How would I even begin to write up a list of goals for these things anyway? They’re so intangible – or so I’ve thought…

Setting simple goals makes us take our personal fulfillment seriously

Setting simple goals makes us take our personal fulfillment seriously

When I stop and think about it, I realize that the leaps and bounds of life also seem pretty abstract until we break them down into detailed tasks. So, why not break down all the little steps it will take for us to accomplish the personal goals/states of well-being that we crave? I’ve come up with four simple goals that I think will help enrich my daily life, and I invite you to do the same. The baby-steps that I’d like to take before the new year are as follows:

My 4 Simple Goals

  1. Actively love more and stress less. This sounds so lofty, but I’ve got a simple action plan. My goal is to make a habit of taking a breather whenever I feel myself getting stressed out – the idea will be to force myself to think about one thing I love and feel grateful for in my life, and then to approach whatever’s stressing me out with this new perspective.
  2. Take a honeymoon. We’ve been married more than a year, but my husband and I
    have yet to find time for a real honeymoon. At first, we felt pressure to plan a big, extravagant trip (and that’s why we kept putting it off), but now we realize the important thing is just to carve out a week or more that we can simply spend together – just the two of us – free of work and all other distractions.
  3. Print and frame wedding photos. This will require a little elbow grease and money up front, but I know seeing our wedding photos every day will make me smile, and will be a visual reminder of the family and loving husband I am so grateful for. Even as I type this, I’m so psyched for how much this is going to enrich my daily life.
  4. Drink green tea every day. Bye-bye, jitters, sugar highs, and lying awake at night…I’m slowly weaning myself off coffee, cookies, and anything else that gives me extreme spikes in energy. To help ease into this healthier lifestyle, my plan is to basically guzzle green tea non-stop. (I’m one week into this decaffeinated adventure already, and it’s going surprisingly well.)

Psst: When catching up on posts from one of my favorite blogs, I found this apropos guide to setting simple life goals that you may find useful. (You may also want to read my guide to setting goals.) What say you? Wanna join me in this quest to actively live better, more enriched versions of our lives? I would love to hear your personal goals, or I’d be interested to learn about any other tricks you have for carving out time to make investments in yourself and your quality of life. Leave a comment.

Photo from Facie Populi via Pinterest. Second image from A Beautiful Mess.

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  • Reply Laine Griffin October 10, 2012 at 4:39 am

    I’m going to put this on my to-do list! 😉
    Seriously, though, good goals. I really should follow suit!

    • Reply Coté October 15, 2012 at 11:25 am

      I hope your personal goals are coming along nicely now that the kiddos are back in their school routines, Laine… Any roller derby dare-devil days on the horizon? 😉 I’m already refining my four simple goals (and downsizing some of them quite a lot) in order to make them attainable, but I guess the important thing is always to be writing them down, revising them and making lists to ensure we make our personal well being a priority. (Yay, lists!)

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