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Painted wooden door outside a shop in Ghent, Belgium

Painted wooden door outside a shop in Ghent, Belgium

Crickets. Yup, that’s been pretty much the only sound coming out of this blog lately. Life has been very busy and noisy in the time that this site has been quiet, but I’ve felt a bit remiss about the fact that I haven’t indulged in these shouts, screams, and cackles of laughter right alongside you, dear readers. Perhaps I should have posted one of those vintage TV test patterns months ago and asked you to bear with me through the wee hours that were to be devoid of programming. Do you remember those still frames of static and incessant beeping? {Sometimes they were a cartoonish image of a vertical rainbow, and other times they were a black-and-white bull’s eye with the bust of a Native American man above it.} Oh, how those stagnant images taunted my insomniac childhood. But, that’s neither here nor there. The point is: I’ve missed you…

While I admit that when I first shifted away from the once-daily posting model a year ago it was quite liberating at first, I now find myself really missing the ritual of blogging and sharing stories with you. I do not know how exactly I am going to find enough time to blog on a regular basis while working and writing up a storm on other projects, but I wanted to let you know I’m currently taking a serious look at my schedule, making plans and priorities, and I hope to start posting several times a a week very soon. In the meantime, just know I miss you and send my apologies for all these pesky crickets. Leave a comment.

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      Thank you, m’ dear! 🙂

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