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Coffee in bed, or in my case the mug would be full of soup

Coffee in bed, or in my case the mug would have been full of soup this past month

Doesn’t it always seem to happen that just when you get in the swing of things, life sneakily disrupts your plans? In my case, this topsy-turvy life force took the form of a nasty stomach virus that bowled me over back in September. As a result of these germy-germs, I’ve spent the past month and a half either in bed or at work (albeit taking it very easy on myself whenever I’m out of the house), and I’m only now starting to get back on track with work projects and non-broth-based culinary creations…

Although I admittedly let myself get a tad down while I was sick, I am trying really hard to stay positive and approach my overflowing in-box with a sense of calm instead of chaos. It can be so easy for us to go the route of chaos, though, don’t you think? I mean, in the lonely days when I was laid up in bed with an angry Puggle barking at me to play and an even angrier calender dinging incessantly with all the deadlines I was missing, I couldn’t help feeling a little defeated, and I often found myself oh-so-melodramatically wondering if I would ever feel on top of things or accomplish a single goal ever again. Whenever I forced myself to flip my thinking, however, I realized how awesome clean bed sheets feel, how cool it is that I was still meeting lots of deadlines, and in those other instances how honest e-mails go a long way toward extending deadlines. Oh, and did I mention that I realized how incredibly darn lucky I am to be in good health most of the time?

So what if I’m a month behind on work, or need to start back at square one on my sugar-free-green-smoothie cleanse, or even if I seriously need to rebuild my relationship with a certain persnickety Puggle? The important thing is just to start back up, dive into our goals, stay calm, and breathe. After all, sick days come and go; the thing that truly keeps us healthy is a positive outlook on life. Corny as it sounds, I really believe this is true. How about you? Leave a comment.

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