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Consumed Debuts Online Today

Official poster for CONSUMED, my short film

Official poster for my short film CONSUMED

I’m so excited to announce that you can now watch my short film CONSUMED online. (Yaaaay!!!) I wrote the script back in 2011, and a couple of my dearest friends and I proceeded to shoot the movie on a shoestring budget in a very greasy, hot sweltering kitchen in Austin, TX. The film premiered to great reviews at a few small screenings in 2012, and it is now time to leave those intimate screening rooms behind and share this story with the world…

In this psychological thriller, two chefs in love fight a battle over food, insanity, and the age-old question, “Is my husband going to kill me?”

Since CONSUMED is a film that celebrates cuisine, love, and fatal miscommunications, what better time could there be for a deliciously scary movie than as we all plan our Turkey Day feasts and prepare ourselves for family drama? I invite you to indulge in this 13-minute nibble of entertainment as you clip recipes from magazines and scour the interwebs for the perfect Thanksgiving meal ideas. I promise, you will never think about kitchen appliances the same way again.

Psst: I will be eternally grateful if you share this movie via social media and maybe even e-mail a few of your film-and-food-loving friends about it. Bringing my stories to audiences around the world is a lifelong dream of mine, and your help in spreading the word really would mean so much to me. Also, you can check out more work from the director on L. M. Harter’s production site, and be sure to keep an eye out for a t-shirt giveaway I’ll be posting soon. Leave a comment.

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