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Weekend Bucket List

What's on your weekend bucket list?

What’s on your weekend bucket list?

Since my husband and I both tend to put in a lot of work hours on the weekends, lately we’ve found ourselves wondering where the “fun” days of the week have gone. As a result, I’ve decided to give our Saturdays and Sundays a kick in the pants. It’s never easy to break out of a routine — especially when you find yourself not only in a weekend rut, but in a weekend-nights-are-becoming-like-every-other-just-barely-scraping-by-night-of-the-week rut — so, I’ve made a list to help expedite this departure from the norm….

I’m calling it a weekend bucket list, and I’m filling it with all sorts of activities that we keep meaning to try around Los Angeles. Some of them are quick and very simple (perfect for a night of unwinding after the office), and others are bigger, day-long adventures. The idea is merely to keep this list handy on my phone and to pick one new activity whenever we’re lacking inspiration on a weekend. Here’s a peek at my weekend bucket list thus far:

  • See live comedy at Laugh Factory or The Comedy Store
  • Tour “the vault” at the Peterson Automotive Museum
  • Eat dinner at Beso (we have a gift card, so there are no excuses)
  • Grab lunch at Ink Sack on Melrose Ave.
  • Hike through nature in Malibu
  • See the James Turrell exhibit at LACMA
  • Watch a movie in a graveyard (yes, this really is a thing in Hollywood)
  • Eat a sunset dinner on the 24th floor of the Ritz-Carlton downtown
  • Go houseplant shopping at a mom-and-pop nursery
  • Browse Melrose Trading Post and Rose Bowl Flea Market on Sunday afternoons
  • Catch a concert at The House of Blues and The Troubador
  • Horseback ride through Griffith Park
  • Ice skate outdoors in Beverly Hills
  • Hear the LA Philharmonic play at the Hollywood Bowl
  • Take a day trip to Palm Springs for museums and thrift shopping
  • Watch Annie Hall at an old movie theater
  • Take a star-maps tour bus ride

Psst: I plan to continue adding to my list — would you consider making a weekend bucket list of your own? Are there new treasures in your city that you keep meaning to discover? Or maybe are there pastimes from years ago (or even childhood) that you would like to fall in love with all over again? Leave a comment.

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